6th Dixons Charity Concert

08. 11. 2018 - Kristina Sabakova

Tuesday 11th September was booked for our traditional Charity concert. This year our band – Gentle Kazoo has atypical assembling with more singers than musicians. But it had no impact on their wonderful performance. They’ve started to rehearse well in advance and prepared very dynamic and catchy music menu. Wonderful singers were exchanging in the lead and vocal roles and they were just on fire accompanied by guitar, bass guitar and even an ukulele for one of the songs. Weather on the day was just perfect and nothing was standing in the way of enjoying the music in a beautiful setting of the terrace in bloom. Many of our business partners and neighbouring companies from the building arrived to support good thing as well. This year we were supporting 2 little boys, both fighting bravely with difficult health conditions. Both families are friends of our colleagues.

Lukášek is 7 year old boy with severe form of autism. Money would be used for his school equipment.

Matej is 4 years old boy who was born with a rare disease - his joints are very stiff and he can move only with huge difficulties. Money would be used for a special equipment.

Altogether with the generous gifts from our business partners, we have collected 26,418czk, which will be divided equally among families. We cannot help them with their health, but we can do little something with their financial problems. Thank you all for your generous contributions and huge thank you to our great band: To Jakub Staněk, great musician who was coordinating the whole programme despite all technical obstacles. To our wonderful singers - Monica Ursin, Pavla Hanulíková and Veronika Krejčová and fierce guitarist Marek Ševela.

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