Dixons Carphone supporting Organization for Early Care

22. 11. 2017 - Kristina Sabakova
Early Care is an organization with almost 30 years history. In early ‘90s they were set up to avoid leaving new born babies in child nursery homes just because they were born with sight difficulties, which was a normal practice back then. Their work is literally small steps by steps, but they make a huge difference in the life of families. Sight disabilities (whether it is full blindness or milder ones) is usually not predictable before the baby is born. So naturally, it is a huge shock for the new parents and very often they are left with no hope and no information from both administrative/legislative and medical points of view. Employees of Early care are visiting the families in their homes from the first days up to 7 years of child age and helping them with practical daily life. How to stimulate the sight of child (as in some cases the right daily treatment can improve the sight or just prevent its further degradation), how to learn the child to take care of himself/herself, supporting the parents psychically and explaining to them what subsidies and help from the state they can ask for. The aim is to prepare the family in 7 years to take care of themselves and to be stabilized. These small steps are crucial for the families in the situation, however minor they might seem to us.

Organization was very happy for our contribution of 37.425czk donated from our Coffee Charity. As they said: they are able to gain grants for some special events or buying specialized equipment for the families, but funding the basic daily field work, which is irretrievable for the families is much more difficult and they hugely appreciated our help. Thank you!
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