Employees of Dixons Carphone CoE supporting family Hurt

27. 09. 2017 - Kristina Sabakova
We had wonderful opportunity to meet in person family Hurt and hand them 15.000czk – half of our Charity concert gain. And we are more than happy to report positive news to all of you.

Jakub Hurt is 16 years old young man who was diagnosed with cancer in February this year. Despite the difficult medical check-ups and 2 rounds of chemotherapy, he managed to pass successfully the entrance exams to one of the best secondary grammar schools in Brno (Biskupske Gymnazium). Despite the treatments, his health wasn’t improving. This summer, in the last possible moment, they have managed to find a donor of bone marrow and on 23rd August, Jakub underwent the transplantation in Prague Motol hospital. He is now over a month after the transplantation and it seems the marrow cells are getting along with his body well. But the war is not over. At the moment, he is still in total isolation in transplantation unit, which is very hard for a young boy. If everything goes well, he will be released home in 2-3 weeks. However, his immunity is devastated, so he needs to stay at home for the next year. He is now very woundable towards all infections, moulds and dust, so he needs to stay in so sterile environment as possible. The money we have donated will be used for their travels back to Prague for regular check-ups, but also for a special vacuum cleaner the family needs to keep their home safe for Jakub. Jakub is really brave, he hasn’t given up the thought that he can still start his secondary school studies this year and manage them from home. We are all wishing him the best of luck and above all a lot of health!
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