Employees of Dixons Carphone CoE supporting family Vykydal

04. 10. 2017 - Kristina Sabakova
The second half of concert gain, 15.000czk, was given to family Vykydal. Honza Vykydal, father of the family, has been fighting with the cancer for 10 years already. The dissease was diagnosed when Honza was 17 and since this time the cancer has come back three times. Honza underwent few runs of chemotherapy, which helped him in the first stadium of the treatments. Unfortunately, the cancer extended and affected not only the optic nerve, but also the speech centre. All the family provides unbelievable support to Honza and also to his wife Radka, who takes care of Honza and their two years old son Matyáš.

Another treatment steps will follow Honza to magnetic resonance in October and based on the results another therapy will be planned. The family incomes are very limited and they are very grateful for the Dixons help, which will be used for transportation to Prague for regularly check-ups. We wish them all the best and believe in happy end!
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