Meeting 'Open Future'

19. 04. 2017 - Kristina Sabakova
Open Future is the organization that employees of our Centre of Excellence decided to support via Easter Charity Raffle. During the raffle we have managed to collect wonderful 17.425 czk and we had the opportunity to meet the representatives from the organization on the very same day and talk to them about their work.

Open Future was opened as an initiative of Tereza Maxova Fund nearly 20 years ago. They are realizing different projects, majority of them focused on children from Orphanages, their education, professional development, starting their independent life after leaving the institution and finding suitable job. Situation for the youngsters in orphanages is not easy. Very often they have no support in education as for the institutions the easiest and cheapest solution is to find them secondary school that is closest to the premises and not to increase the costs by any more complicated or longer education. Here is the role of private funds, where they can substitute the supportive role of families that these children are missing. Big part of work is in support and continuous preparation for better school, financing their commuting or life in dormitories.

Another part of the activities is help with finding the first employment – how to write CV, how to gain experience via seasonal jobs or internships but also how to deal with the first problems in the workplace. Youngsters without families have no experience from home how to deal with situations that are quite normal, e.g. when you are late for work. They can be so scared that they rather do not show up at all. A lot of work that the organization is doing are just small things like advice or encouragement, but for those young people are crucial.

Collected money from Dixons Carphone Centre of Excellence will be used for young professionals starting their first job who need some extra financial aid for their equipment (e.g. hair dresser for his/her set of scissors or cooks for the sets of knives).

We were really touched by the activities of the organization and currently are thinking how we can offer some extra help. We are leading discussions about possibilities to prepare internships for youngsters or helpful workshops in the area of job search as we have top notch recruiters and internal trainers.

Once again, we would like to thank to all of you who supported charity as well as winner of the main prize Milan Bouška and his team who decided to give the huge Easter bunny to the children!
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