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18. 01. 2017 - Kristina Sabakova
Beneficial organization Na Pocatku (At the Beginning) is celebrating already 22nd anniversary of its establishing! At first it was a group of Cristian volunteers who wanted to protect unborn children from abortions. They were realizing the help via helping to their mothers who were willing to keep the baby, however, they were in very difficult circumstances forced to undergo an abortion. Their first activities included personal advisory service and 24/7 phone line where they could advise to the women or sometimes just listen to them and help them untangle the situation usually consisting of financial difficulties, personal problems and complicated relationships with their families. Very soon they have realized they need to build up a secret shelter where those women can find safe hideaway (very often because of their abusive partners or parents). The organization had managed to build up this house and since then there are more than 150 children who were rescued thanks to it. As the situation was developing, people from organization find out that there are more and more women with already born children who need protection and help as well. Sometimes it was because of the difficult financial situation, sometimes because of complications with their partners. Another step in the functioning of the Na Pocatku was opening of the flats for endangered women. During their existence, the organization has received several awards for their activities, including EU Award for Human Rights Protection.

How can you help? If you would like to support this organization further, you can choose several options: 1. Financially – all the details for sending money is on the web page

2. Material gifts – on the web page there is an actual list of items that are needed. You can donate things for kids (clothes, trolleys, toys – not stuffed ones, games, DVDs, crayons and papers, wet tissues or diapers) or for mothers (clothes, sanitary goods, kitchen utensils or even food)

3. Volunteering – you can help the organization by writing articles for their web pages, taking care of their campaigns in social media or fundraising.

Representative of the organization, Mrs. Vondrakova appreciated very much our contribution from Charity Bake-off and Xmas Raffle of 18.131 czk. Thank you all!
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