Colleague Shareholder Award

07. 01. 2022 - Katarína Hosťovecká, Lukáš Jurníček

On 15 February 2022, the first wave of the so-called Colleague Shareholder Award will vest. This means some of our colleagues will have a share in Currys business future not only as our colleagues, but also as shareholders.

It all started a few years ago with an idea. An idea of a cycle of happiness, if you will. It goes like this: happy colleagues lead to happy customers – happy customers, in turn, lead to happy shareholders. Why not do everything in our power to make colleagues happy and satisfied? They are, after all, at the very heart of Currys, and they continue to be the best asset the company possesses. That’s why every aspect of colleague experience – from financial evaluation, through benefits, training and development to culture, and well-being – is being tweaked and boosted as we go along. Owning a part of the company you work for is a cherry on top of that. It means you can invest in Currys long-term future and become a part of its financial (and other) success story. That’s an opportunity you don’t have on the table every day, is it?

Therefore, three years ago, in February 2019, the company awarded more than 30,000 of all its permanent colleagues (i.e., colleagues who had been working for Currys for at least 12 months when the award was given out) internationally with at least £1000 worth of shares in Currys. The shares were in holding for three years and then they were supposed to be vested to colleagues which means that they will become their property to do what they want with. CoE colleagues were included in the scheme as well and currently 311 of us can look forward to become Currys shareholders.

This will happen in a month’s time, and it feels like a well-deserved reward for all the hard work we have done in these past three years and all the dedication we have put into this venture during the pandemic. 

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