Cross-Cultural Communication Month

08. 11. 2021

Did you know that October was a cross-cultural communication month in our CoE? We had a great time at a Fresh Minds lecture when it started, and then, the Cross-Cultural Communication webinar continued to widen our horizons. Let us look at what it is and why we took part in it.

We came up with an idea of Cross-Communication month because we wanted to support our team leaders and managers with an international team. We were and are keen on preventing miscommunication between the members of one team, or between different teams. Some of these might happen because colleagues come from diverse cultural backgrounds and so reactions they might have to different social and workplace situations may vary, and therefore create unnecessary confusion. Cross-Cultural Communication month was here to help. How does it work?

The cross-Cultural Communication month commenced with the Fresh Minds lecture that took place online on 14 October. After this, 26 team leaders and managers were selected to participate in two half-day online seminars in two months’ time dealing with the topic of cross-cultural communication. For each of the seminars, leaders must prepare by filling out a questionnaire, reading materials, and watching the videos. Afterwards, they get a set of 4 online handouts with additional information, a chance to take a part in a case study and win a Udemy course for free. The webinar and all the handouts are prepared by Marta Carter and Karolina Koszałka. Carter is a manager, coach and trainer with over 13 years of training experience. Karolina Koszałka is a trainer, coach and manager with over 14 years of experience in conducting intercultural training and more than 8,000 training hours in 12 countries for participants from more than 40 countries. We hope that the cross-cultural communication month will bear great fruit and will render our internal and external cooperation eve more efficient than it is now. 

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