Dixons Carphone – Proud Golden Partner of Barcamp!

07. 06. 2017 - Kristina Sabakova
Dixons Carphone was a Golden partner of Barcamp – open conference with free entry, taking place on 3rd June at FIT VUT, Brno. There were 5 key areas of focus (SW development, inovation, marketing, design, self-development) counting more than 50 presentations, 10 workshops and unlimited opportunities for networking.

Our colleagues from IT department – Martin Pechal and Dominik Tilp were presenting there in front of the full auditoriums. Martin talked about Scalability of web applications. Basically, if you have a small e-shop, you run it on one server, the bigger the platform, the more servers you use and there are different possibilities how build up the architecture in a way that they can handle huge traffic (e.g. in our case there are during Black Friday tens of thousands of users in the same time) and are used optimally. Dominik’s presentation at Barcamp was about web performance. This is the topic that is currently widely discussed in e-commerce area, because customers hate waiting for something. Every second that your web page is loading, you are losing amount of your customers, so literally, every millisecond counts. You need to understand what happens in a browser if you want to optimize it. Dominik was also bringing useful tips and ideas, so it was definitely worth hearing!

And what was going on in-between? More than 1200 visitors hungry not only for rocking presentations but also for getting know new people and network with them. As a Gold Partner we had big stand just in front of the main conference room and attendees were challenged in our special game, which required advanced ability of both concentration and manual skills. Depended on the score, we treated everyone with our marketing gadgets and the best ones could win the furry elephant (as a symbol of PHP, our main technology used). Participants could also try to beat our e-commerce beast in foosball, but there were not many winners over our foosball dream teamJ Price was voucher for a beer at afterparty, so later on we met lot of participants there and had opportunity to get to know them better and promote our company even more. Every attendee received branded badge strings so there are several hundreds of people, who know us better after Barcamp.
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