E-meal vouchers are here!

26. 01. 2017 - Kristina Sabakova
As you might have noticed, there is a huge change in the area of meal vouchers here! We hope this will make the whole process of meal vouchers much more enjoyable and simple, improving your comfort of using them.

E-meal vouchers means that instead of pack of (usually 20) meal vouchers that you need to pick up personally and store in your valet, you will have just 1 card (looking exactly as bank card) where will be automatically subscribed the amount of your meal vouchers. There are several main advantages of e-meal vouchers:

-          You can pay with them exact amounts in restaurants and fast foods (so even buy just an ice cream)

-          If you will lose the card, the amount of money on it will be blocked so after a few days when the new card will be issued, you can continue using them

-          The whole process will be smooth and fast, no need to pick up vouchers on monthly basis

The most common questions regarding E-meal vouchers are:

1.       Is it possible to pay with e-meal voucher in grocery stores?

Yes, if they are accepting paper meal vouchers, they automatically accept e-meal vouchers (e.g. Lidl is not accepting any meal vouchers)

2.       Which restaurants are accepting e-meal vouchers?

Most of them already! If you will find a restaurant that is not accepting them, you can write easily to Sodexo and they will add them to the network


We hope you will enjoy your new E-meal vouchers!
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