Good Morning Currys Centre of Excellence!

11. 10. 2021 - Kristina Sabakova

The story of becoming Currys

For 3 days in October we have been introducing and celebrating the new brand directly in the office. Have you seen the new logo and flags on the building? Have you enjoyed the refreshment and small presents? We believe you were touched by the great energy coming with the new brand!

Well, a rebrand is not only about having fun and getting used to a different name. There is much more behind it.

While our group developed, it was buying other companies. The group was growing and on the UK market only, we have been operating with 8 commercial brands + 1 corporate. Each of these brands had their own logo, colours, and design. In some cases, they had their own shops, sometimes more of them were located under 1 roof. Our colleagues in the shops had different uniforms and the overall customer experience was very decentralized. If you google ‘Dixons Carphone’, one of the most frequent questions is whether Dixons Carphone is the same company as Currys PC World. Customers did not know. Decentralization of the brands also meant that none of them were properly developed and taken care of.

It was time to change that!

We want to operate as one business and bring great customer experience. We want to show our size properly and have a brand that looks like it is 2021. That is why the rebranding project was started. From the perspective of our Centre of Excellence, this has been a huge project —we rebranded the building, created new web pages and adopted the new design into legal documents, social media platforms, intranet, merchandise, and other areas. If this effort was huge, the one in the UK and Ireland was enormous. All the shops underwent rebranding, all the campuses, contact centres and warehouses, cars, e-shops and colleagues got a new unified look. For us in Brno this is a change, but in the UK, this is a revolution! Colleagues there are truly excited. They feel it is a step into right direction and an investment into our brand means that we believe in it and it is ready for further development.

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