Office Revitalization

18. 05. 2017 - Kristina Sabakova
Office Revitalization is successfully finished!

Dixons Carphone is located in the office building that is 6 years old. The building itself has excellent location – it is very close to the city centre and right in-between bus and train station with many public transport routes nearby. It is clean, sunny and functional, however also quite generic and not personalized. All 14 meeting rooms looked nearly the same (white or glass walls, 1 abstract painting), nothing was resembling their names and distinguishing each other. We are also having a lot of new starters, who are a bit lost because all the floors and all the meeting rooms looked similarly.

These were the reasons why we have decided to prepare a project of office revitalization that would improve the office space in general but also help the branding - contribute to the stronger feeling of belonging to the company, make office more personal and more mirroring our company culture.

In each floor we have formed a group of volunteers who cooperated on the project. The main points they wanted to reflect in the revitalization were:

      Company values – people have voted which company values they would like to see around and we have prepared semi-transparent windows stickers with them (Everything is possible, Everyone can make a difference, Dream big, work hard – all of them accompanied by company logo)

      Meeting rooms should be personalized, reflecting company history, values, vocabulary our colleagues are using and design should be matching the name of the room in colour.

      Acoustics – in some meeting rooms was bad acoustics, especially by phone conferences, therefore we have implemented special acoustic paint as well as hanging objects from the ceiling to improve it (e.g. in Gold meeting room large light bulbs made of golden paper)


One person was acting in the role of project manager, however all the steps were confirmed by the group of volunteers. This was great because they were actively involved and we could see that each floor has some differences (if one person/team would be working on the project across the building, all the floors would be similar). Examples:

-        Floor covered by IT – colleagues there didn’t want to see any motivational quotes. They wanted to have around more whiteboards and smart walls they could doodle on.

-        Floor with majority of foreign employees – they wanted to have national flags around

-        Floor with majority of financial employees – they wanted to see graphs, financial vocabulary

-        Floor with majority of Customer services – they had the biggest demand on flowers and other ‘live’ elements. They were the most creative ones open to the different out of the box ideas

After the preparation of the visuals for different meeting rooms, these were given to the graphic designer who prepared it for realization and the company specialized in wall stickers then prepared it exactly based on our design.

The whole implementation was really vivid and very positive – volunteers loved they could decide about designs for meeting rooms on their floor, that their problems (acoustic) were heard and taken care of and they were actively involved in the whole process.

The realization is really fresh, but our first feedbacks are positive. Employees like the fact that the environment has changed, that it is more vivid, fresh, nice. New starters confirmed that it is easier for them now to remember which meeting room is where. Company branding was made more visible internally – company logo is now incorporated into most of the designs and meeting rooms, company values are visible in open space. The whole process helped to the discussion about company values and increased the feeling of activism.

The final touch n the whole project was installation of company logo on the top of the building. As we could see from likes on Facebook and general discussion in the office, this was a step that was really needed and was met with very positive response. We are really happy that Dixons Carphone is now visible internally as well as externally.
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