Sebastian James and Humphrey Singer in Brno

21. 02. 2018 - Kristina Sabakova
Yesterday we had the pleasure to welcome in Brno our CEO Sebastian James and our CFO Humphrey Singer. It hasn't been just a regular visit - both of them will be leaving Dixons Carphone in the next few months after more than 10 years of their service, so they arrived to say goodbye and thank for our cooperation. Their main message for us was that they both appreciate our great attitude and our instinct to react to problems with creativity and new solutions, that we are not afraid of change. That we do not work in silo, but see the process from end to end. However, there is one thing we should improve according to Sebastian: Don't be so passive, when you see business is behaving like idiots! Be louder! Make them aware of what you are capable off!
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