Uber Delivery in the UK

16. 12. 2021

We are on the journey to become a world-class Omnichannel retailer, and as such, we must continue to evolve and transform our business. One of the stops on the way is the implementation of an idea to deliver small goods to our customers via Uber Eats couriers. The new service is now in a test phase in 15 Currys shops in London, UK. 

The idea is simple: a customer wants a product. The customer purchases the product and selects Uber as a form of delivery. After purchasing the product, it arrives via Uber courier and the product is in the customer’s hands in a very short time – from within 30 minutes up to two hours from the moment the order is completed.

Three teams from the UK and four teams from Brno – Order Management, Account, Checkout, and Product Experience – worked on implementing of this idea into real life so that we could test this and learn from the preliminary trial runs.

We are still in a ‘test and learn’ phase with cooperation from 15 shops in London, UK. We are observing how the process behaves, and how customers interact with the new delivery option. At the time of writing this article, the Uber delivery has been active for a few days only (it launched on 11 November). Yet, in this short period of time – not even a week from launch – 13 customers per day use the option of getting our tech via Uber couriers. The popular products include coffee machines, laptops, and headphones.

If it continues to be a success, a very probable course of action will be widening the circle of shops providing Uber delivery.

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