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26. 07. 2017 - Zuzana Odstrcilikova
In May we had challenged our comfort zone and took part in a nationwide project Do práce na kole (Bike to Work). Project´s goal is to motivate people to use an alternative way of commute to work e.g. bike, walk or run.

Do práce na kole is not just a project which helps to improve people´s healthy life-style and support eco-friendly approach, it is also a competition. Competing is possible in several categories focused on the overall number or length of their non-motorized trips. It is possible to compete as an individual or in a team.

This year 12 777 sportsmen attended from all over the Czech Republic of which almost 1900 was from Brno.

The idea to join this project and support our employees came from Jakub Kmínek, who attended in the few last years together with his colleagues from IT. Based on the positive reference we had decided to get involved as a company and support our colleagues with this initiative.

Totally 37 sportsmen from Dixons formed 11 teams. Beside the official competition we had announced also an internal one in three categories: regularity, distance and creative photo competition.

Regularity was measured by average percentage for the whole team (2 - 5 participants). Battle for the first place in this category was very tight and intensive until the very last days.

First place and our Dixons sport functional T-shirts comes to Pavla Pavelková, Jakub Marek and Filip Němec who formed team named Alkoholem proti Drogám (Alcohol Against Drugs). They made great 95,5% ways to work by themselves or by non-motorized vehicles. They are from CSA team, which is located in the 5th floor next to relax room, Olga and CCC team. “We are merry people who enjoy their work in Dixons, try to make a happy, positive atmosphere in our team, that’s why we participate in various of competitions, party´s and team buildings.” Says Filip Němec, happy team member. Other teams performed great results e.g. wiwi pettersson goes to haven (Filip Hastík and Henrieta Mikleova) with almost 93%. FrontA (Martin Pecha, Michal Vyšinský, Lukáš Petera and Lukáš Hala) with 89%, Nordics (Jakub Joneš, Pavla Šlapetová and Jakub Sykora) with 88,2 % .

Distance category victory goes to Ondřej Koukal, who did incredible 950,5 km on a bike. Ondrej was taking part in the project for the first time. His big hobby is Triathlon and now he is preparing for a race, which will take place at the beginning of August in Slovakia. So we, together with his Do práce na kole team named Unrecorded Liability, will keep fingers crossed for him. Ondrej travelled the greatest absolute distance from Dixons company. We hope he will enjoy voucher for shop of the value of 2500 CZK, which he wins as an award.

Performance of our other colleagues was also impressive: Pavel Vančuřík made almost 725 km, Martin Pecha 677 km, Lukáš Petera 585 km and Eliška Hrachová made more than 585 km.

Winner of creative photo competition is eCommerce Development Team (Peter Pindeš, Petr Horák, Jan Trávníček and Jakub Kmínek), who sent us the most creative pictures capturing experiences from they trips to work.

We are really proud of all the participants!

Big thank you to all participans for representing Dixons Carphone within such a unique project :)
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