Charity concert

15. 09. 2017 - Kristina Sabakova
We have followed our tradition this year as well and organized Charity concert on the roof of our building. Our colleagues formed an ad hoc band and rehearsed for a month for a 30-minute programme. All our colleagues as well as business partners, friends and neighbour companies from the building have been invited for their performance.

This year we were supporting 2 families – both stroke by cancer. In family Vykydal, it is the father – young man (27), who is facing cancer for the third time already. This time, his eye nerves are affected and he is loosing his sight. As the family has a small son and mother is on maternity leave, they are facing serious financial problems due to the long-term sickness. In the family Hurt, cancer hit the oldest son of 4 children. Due to complicated disease, parents can’t work fully and they face financial problems as well. We are happy to report that we have raised 26.558 czk. We can’t help them with fighting the disease, but we can ease them a little bit their financial situation.

Big thanks goes to our band that was really on fire. We had 2 great singers – Klara Kluckova and Monica Ursin and fierce musicians – Standa Castka, Mira Koutny and Kuba Stanek. Special thanks goes to David Adjei, who was coordinating the artistic part of the concert and couldn’t attend it at the end due to health issues. Music menu was from the Cranberries, Gnarles Barkley to Oasis and more!

We believe all of us have enjoyed their performance and we are looking forward to hear them again!
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