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11. 06. 2020 - Petra Lakatoš

Over the last few weeks, a small dedicated group of colleagues from the development team has been working on the Contactless initiative—and the results are great indeed!

Since 22 May many contactless Currys PC World shops have opened in the UK so customers can process their orders while following the government recommendations at the same time. A few weeks earlier, our IT colleagues in Brno were working hard on developing the app that would allow customers to complete their orders without any direct contact with our shop assistants in the stores. Customers just come to the store, notify us using the app that they have arrived and our colleagues from the store deliver their package directly into the customer's trunk, so they do not even have to get out of the car (if you have an automatic trunk opening system)!

Developing the app as quickly as possible and being able to start using it was one of the biggest priorities for our development team for several week—under normal circumstances the revenues from shop orders make a significant part of our income, and as the shops had to be closed, now we are trying to help move the business forward again and provide customers a solution on how to shop with us without any physical contact.

Good job guys, it is always great to see we are actually doing something that helps and provides new opportunities in the situation!

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