Health Days Fall 2018

08. 11. 2018 - Tereza Dolezalova

On the occasion of the International Day of Mental Health, we have organized another Health Days for our colleagues– Fall edition. The whole concept of Health Days is divided into two main parts – mental and physical health. We hadinvited several external providers who prepared their workshops and seminars to help us being more resistant for the upcoming autumn and winter both mentally and physically.


The first day of Health Days was composed of many activities (for us) to relax and recharge our batteries. Besides the regular activities, we newly introduced two Aroma Therapy workshops where participants could create their own aroma mix and find out how to keep themselves concentrated at work and relaxed at home. We were very grateful for a huge interest in Mastering your coffee-making skills workshop provided by our local café KAFEC. Fresh smell of coffee spreading from the meeting room proclaimed that this activity was very practical and the attendants could not only learn how to make their own tasty coffee, but also sample different types of coffee. Our colleague Lada Kolářová, currently on the maternity leave, was pleased when we asked her to provide two DIY workshops – Modern Calligraphy and Decoupage. Participants could revive their old frames, flowerpots and other wooden stuff, and give them a brand new face!


Thursday, the first day of Health Days, was nicknamed „Relax & Play“ and if you came to our Social Zone to get a coffee during the day, you could have found people fully immersed into playing board games, so hopefully the second part of the motto was fulfilled, as well!


Our sports-focused colleagues got their money´s worth on Friday, when under the title „Get inspired “, we arranged a list of activities helping to develop your physical health. You could try Yoga, check your inner health at a Body measurement session or get a piece of useful advice from the professionalphysiotherapists. We also included How to keep your energy during a winter lecture or a practical session where you could discuss what to do for your body and feet when wearing heels on a daily basis.


All of these activities were accompanied by extra Fruit Days with boxes full of fruits to supply necessary vitamins.

We hope you enjoyed both days, relaxed a bit and got inspired!

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