Congratulation Leadership Academy 2017 Alumni

31. 01. 2018 - Kristina Sabakova
Leadership Academy is a year-long program to support, nourish and develop our colleagues in the areas of leadership, project management and self-development. It also provides great platform to get to know more your peers from different parts of the company, opportunity to discuss problems, gain other points of view and share ideas.

Last year, 16 of our managers and team leaders attended the Academy. They passed through 11 trainings with external and internal trainers, 3 coaching sessions, 2 – 8 mentoring sessions and in the same time they have been working on their internal improvements projects! Great achievement, isn’t it? We would like to congratulate them and wish them good luck in further development of their careers. We believe the trainings were useful and the overall program will make them even better leaders in the future!
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