Motivation is not enough!

25. 04. 2018 - Zuzana Odstrcilikova
Did you know that if someone is only motivated for a long time, his overall results will be decreasing? Quite daring statement, isn’t it? Nowadays when we all hear about how to motivate your subordinates, how to motivate your kids, how to motivate millennials, how to motivate yourself and motivation is not working? It’s not enough? How is that possible?

As we wanted our managers, team leaders and potentials to think out of the box and have access to new trends and ideas, we have asked top notch coach and speaker, Mr. Marian Jelinek to speak in our internal Conference about Inner Motivation in the Era of Wealth. Mr. Jelinek started his career as a professional sports coach – he has got many famous clients, above all hockey player Jaromir Jagr, tennis player Karolina Pliskova and many hockey clubs, but recently he works more and more with managers, companies, individual person, but also with Chamber of Diabetes Medics (it’s so easy to improve health state of patients with diabetes, why they are not doing that?). His work experience is really wide and we wanted to use part of that knowledge for Dixons colleagues.

And we dare say, he definitely stood up to his reputation! There were many new, challenging and daring thoughts during the afternoon and we believe many of them will be resonating with us for a long time. The crucial one is that self-fulfilment is more important than motivation. If you enjoy he process, the activity, you don’t need much of a reward for that. If you enjoy running above all, you don’t need to be rewarded for each run you go for. If you win a race – wonderful! But if not, you will still go for another run next day.

How to work with this knowledge in leadership? Well, it’s not an easy task, but Mr. Jelinek gave us a lot of food for our minds to help us solve it out!
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