Stay Dixons!

02. 03. 2020 - Kristina Sabakova

Dixons Carphone CoE has approx. 600 colleagues in Brno and 78 colleagues on maternity or parental leave. Our business environment is very dynamic and challenging and if someone stays at home for 2 or 3 years, many things might change. Teams have different structure, there are new systems to work with, new projects, processes, new team members,… It might be a bit scary and difficult to return back. To help our colleagues stay on track with the development in the company and keep their soft and hard skills up to date, we have prepared a programme Stay Dixons. Every month, we will be dedicating 1 morning to their development. With babysitting covered by a professional service by Baby office directly in the house, Dixons mothers can enjoy morning full of information, knowledge and meeting colleagues.

The first Stay Dixons session took place last week and we had great feedback. 9 colleagues with their little ones were informed about the newest trends in the area of Business services, but also new team structures, projects, results after Black Friday, new managers were introduced, and we have answered all of their questions. Kids were more than happy in the safe hands of skilled babysitters. We are already looking forward to the next session at the end of March, where our colleagues from Business transformation services will talk about robotics. How do we work with robots and what their usage means for daily work of Dixons colleagues. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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