Teaching girls talk IT

14. 02. 2017 - Alena Krejcirova, Monika Bielova
Sunday in the rhytm of teaching, coaching, mentoring  and shadowing. That was 19th February in Impact Hub. Since IT field is lack of women´s power, there are several events supporting women in IT. One of this was organized by Czechitas, community for women in IT, focused on workhops with the goal to teach girls talk IT. Since we have talented colleagues who are supporting diversity and enthusiastic about teaching girls talk IT, we co-organized this event and took responsibility for the knowledge base.

Our skilled IT heroes Vaclav Telensky, Boris Valo, Martin Podborsky, Stanislav Bures and Jan Travnicek spent all day with 26 girls and ladies, who travelled from all around the Moravia to learn how to create their own web using PHP programming language.

Starting with the programming basics, helping with study materials and supporting during the practical exercises they went through the whole day together successfully and from today on we have more girls who can talk IT!

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