Who is the Best Internal Trainer?

19. 04. 2018 - Zuzana Odstrcilikova
Internal trainers work hard, but train harder. We have 25 colleagues who are not only conducting their demanding work duties, but they dedicate their time to prepare, improve and conduct trainings for Dixons colleagues. We would like to say big ‘Thank you’ to every single one who decided to be one of the Dixons Trainers. No one had to do that. No one is having trainings in their job description, but they’ve decided to go for it. Share their exceptional knowledge, fight the fear and step up in front of the whole classroom. All of them are great, but who is the best one? And how to evaluate that? Trainings are in very different areas – from Excel, Access, Power BI and Bizagi, via Project management and Lean, Presentation skills, Time management, Business Correspondence, but also Personal Branding and Physical Well-being at work. That was a tough question. We have decided to evaluate it by 3 measures:

-          overall amount of hours trained per year,

-          feedback score from the participants of their trainings

-          innovation score. Innovation is an important cornerstone of our company culture and we would like to mirror it also in trainings. We have added extra points to the trainers who have prepared new trainings, improved old versions or prepared new training materials.

Except the absolute winner, we have decided to award 4 Special Recognition Awards to the trainers who have not only conducted regular trainings, but also made an extra step:

-          creation of new advanced training Email Communication 101.

-          creation of four brand new trainings in the area of Project management and LEAN.

-          contribution to the development of new concept of Excel trainings and new training of Advanced Macros

-          contribution to the development of new concept of Excel trainings as well as new training of Process mapping in Bizagi

And what was even more special about the winner? We would like to thank him for his long term service as an internal trainer, all the time he is dedicating to delivery of technical trainings of significant quality, that was recognized by all their participants as well as his substantial contribution to development of new concept and design of Excel trainings. Great work!
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